March 29, 2010

Holy Week -- the unchanging circle?

We're at the beginning of Holy Week, and I'm asking myself, what has changed?
Maureen Dowd's OpEd has some interesting ideas about the sex scandals that continue to rock the church.
I am once again gearing up to attend an Ordination. Mum's the word on that for now.
Oh, my 20-year high school reunion is next month! Thanks to good Irish genes, I still look 28.
I got a new puppy! The Nurse and I rescued a pup from a shelter on Palm Sunday. We're naming her Olive, and we're getting busy with falling in love. And house-breaking, of course.
And, finally, we're moving out of one apartment and into another on Holy Saturday -- all signs that point to Spring, and new life, and adventure on the horizon. Oh, and puppy slobber.