June 14, 2011

Go Big or Go Home

So after more than a full year of sitting useless in the basement, I finally managed to get my bicycle to the shop and repaired. The push I needed may have come from Jupiter, which began it's transit through my sign of Taurus on June 11, and continues for a little over a year. Jupiter's motto: Go Big or Go Home. And Taurus: Get Practical. Combine these two things and look for BIG change for anyone with Taurus in their stars in the coming year. It's time to Go Big or Go Home and get motivated by your vision of tangible results. "Practical realism," multiplied by the size of Jupiter is the order of the day, for the next year.
I'm feeling like I've got Jupiter size ovaries lately -- pretty confident and ready to make decisions about things in my life that need making. I'm all about RESULTS lately.
I've gotten really clear within myself over the last couple of months about my desires and goals and needs -- which has meant making some painful but needed decisions. Again, maybe not as forthcoming without the final push of Jupiter.
I also made it back to church, which I haven't been to in weeks, just in time for Pentecost, which filled me to the brim with Spirit. How do I know this? Tears, of course. A grace I always recognize and accept lovingly, even though it leaves me stripped bare. The Spirit also has the motto of "Go Big or Go Home," I think.
My girls are off of school now -- Big M is leaving for leadership camp in Michigan for 3 weeks and Little M will be going to Theater Day Camp here in the city. I'm looking forward to this winding down time for them to concentrate on non-academic summer things before the next wave of "school" hits. So important for their overall well-being and growth. And I need that too! This summer I'm bound and determined to spend more time conquering the hula-hoop! Maybe I'll squeeze in a family camping trip in August. How I would love to get away and hit the road. Where would Jupiter go?