February 27, 2013

It's tempting....

Two weeks into Lent, and it's tempting to start complaining. I'm going to blame that on the nasty sinus headache that is plaguing me today. So, this Lent, I decided to go hardcore — giving up all meat (and fish), dairy products, and alcohol. Essentially, I'm eating a Vegan diet, with the exception of honey.

I cannot say that I have miraculously dropped 5 or 10 pounds, or resolved mysterious health problems, or seen really any benefit. Sorry Vegan mafia! But I'm not doing this for ethical Vegan reasons, or even health reasons....purely spiritual.

And that too has been hard to get into for me this Lent. With the major dietary challenges, I have been super focused on the physical needs and not spending nearly enough time on spiritual devotions and practices. Feeling so physically fatigued and consumed with meal-planning and somewhat obsessed with grocery shopping. Yes, I am in prayer daily, but it is unfocused. Perhaps I should add a daily rosary, or a weekly Taize. I intend to get to a group faith sharing meeting, but haven't had the time yet, with an overwhelming schedule.

Overwhelmed. That is what I have felt. Physically and emotionally overwhelmed and unable to tap into the spiritual discipline that is so needed. It is only week two, so I'm hoping that I will get where I need to go as I labor in the desert. But I am in the thick of it, in the struggle. And I'm off in search of some Tylenol for this damned headache.