May 28, 2010


Dear Cardinal George,
While you may be intent on punishing women who are called to the priesthood — do you realize that our little church in Chicago has had more women ordained than from any other Catholic church in the world?
This is the legacy, Cardinal George, that you are faced with — the chickens coming home to roost if you will. The Lord does work in mysterious ways! When you ordered Delle Chatman to stop talking about being called to ordination, and when the healthcare of a woman dying of cancer — that the Spirit would catch fire in our little church! Can you believe that little St. Gertrude's parish in Chicago has had so many women called? That we are surrounded in holiness? It's truly amazing to be a part of, to witness!

After Katy Zastick, Alta Jacko and Barbara Zeman were ordained through Roman Catholic Womenpriests, you knew you had to make an example of Janine Denomme — by denying her a funeral Mass. I mean, FOUR women called to ordination in a year — what if the POPE finds out what's going on at St. Gertrude's! Heads would surely roll!

But what can you do? I mean, the facts are the facts — the Spirit has got hold of the women of St. Gertrude's — and is having Her way with them! And not even the Pope can stop that....

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