September 11, 2012

Into the Mystic

As I wrote about last month, I've found myself in a bit of spiritual 'time out' of sorts, while I figure some things out. A time of silent contemplation that was greatly needed, especially when having fallen off of the narrow path.As a spiritual pilgrim, I have long believed that there are many roads that lead to truth, and some wander. Along the divergent path, much can be gained, for the wise traveler. Along this road, I've spent ample time in prayer, in quiet contemplation and meditation, and encountered other travelers upon my journey that have helped point me in the right direction. I've been blessed with vivid dreams and messages from soul-sisters and seekers who have an "in" with the Big Man upstairs. I've kept my eyes open -- to wonder, to divine chaos, to the majestic messages that our Creator embeds in our everyday experiences as sacred seeds, preciously sorted and collected for planting in the right season.

Many things have been revealed to me, one of which is,  I cannot escape the mystical yearnings of my soul -- which in its essence, is a yearning for oneness with the Divine Mystery. And because I strive to see sacredness around me at all times, it is my nature as a mystic pilgrim to create ritual out of the everyday -- to make sacred what is profane. By constant prayer, meditation, intention, blessings, and sacrament -- my gaze is at once heavenward and set upon the earth.

Alas, there is little room in our culture for Christian mystics. In all of the most important ways, this is a secret journey, even if it is one I am not on alone. One must be careful not to cast one's pearls before swine. Not fit for a Facebook status update, I'm thinking. But I'm blessed to have a communion of mystic saints to turn to for companionship and guidance. And I have come to recognize a few fellow travelers on the path, and am grateful for their fellowship.

Walking this path is a counter-cultural and risky move in some regards. Yet, it beckons. I can't promise I won't fall and fall again, but I've got my walkin shoes ready.

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