April 27, 2007

Big ol' gay Mass

Trolling for stories today on my favorite right-wing Catholic blog, I discovered this tidbit about a big ol' gay Catholic Mass being celebrated in San Francisco, and broadcast live on BBC radio -- purportedly the first ever such broadcast to approach the issue of what it means to be gay and christian by the BBC.
Sadly, the article paints a picture of questionable motives by some participants -- highlighting the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, (members seen pictured above), a drag group who is known to dress as nuns, pass out sex toys and evangelize with a "go and sin some more" motto. Cheeky and cute, but I fear it is ultimately damaging to the cause and provides way too much ammunition for those who fear "godless homosexuals." There is a time and place for confrontation, and I don't think that the Mass is that place. Just sayin'.
Much more interestingly, the Mass is being celebrated by a U.S. Jesuit preist, Father Donal Godfrey, who said he was delighted the BBC was "exploring how gay people fit into the perspective of the Christian narrative."
"Being gay is not special," he said. "It's simply another gift from God who created us as rainbow people." Can I get an amen? I'm sure Fr. Godfrey is going to catch holy hell for this, so let's be sure to lend him our support.
The preacher will be James Alison — a homosexual British Catholic theologian and author of 'Is it ethical to be Catholic? — Queer perspectives'. I'd love to examine his perspectives, because I am woefully insulated at my super-de-duper gay friendly Catholic Church on Chicago's northside. But particularly because I am only now starting to come out in this community, I could use all the info I can get, as I'm sure I'll run into the full spectrum of reactions.

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