May 03, 2007

10 things today

1. First, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother, Joe. Have a great "jesus year" Joe. Thirty-three was a big year for me.
2. I got a call from my gyn confirming that I have ovarian cysts. Bleck.
3. Fishdog the cat, our long-time house guest, is leaving today. We'll miss you Fishy!
4. I got lilacs today. OK, virtual ones, but still, lilacs are part of the key to unlocking my heart.
5. I burned two Melissa Ferrick cd's, and part of a third. I couldn't get it all because a malicous chick put hailine fractures in them all. The fourth one had a big chunk missing from it. Totally smashed. Meh. Anyway, I really like her music and look forward to obsessively jammin out to them in the next few days.
6. I got off work early. Yay. Thursdays are unbearably slow.
7. I got the sweetest letter from a friend that I am just getting to know. Really heartwarming. It's nice to know that my girlfriend's friends really like me. :)
8. I turned down my former crush for dinner tonight THREE times. Then gushed about how in love I am.
9. I posted a pic of Lisa getting her teeth picked by her lover on her MySpace comments. Gross. Now that's love....
10. I nursed a big ol' boo-boo on my youngest daughter today. The older kid thought it would be a great idea to put an angry cat on her lap. A mama's work is never done....

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