May 08, 2007

The cicadas are coming!

Holy Mother of God. I'm having a little trouble breathing today, after reading a few articles about what I've known was coming for months now: the reemergence of the 17-year cicadas in the Chicagoland area (and all of Northern Illinois). To make matters worse, I'm told that they are expected to come out in droves, oh, sometime during Memorial Day weekend. While I'm camping. Smack in the middle of their turf. SummerCamp Music Festival. In the heavily-wooded Illinois River basin.
I was 18 when these critters last emerged, and I have a few memories. The funniest cicada memory was watching one actually swing, tarzan-style, from my friend Corey's curly locks. And I remember their dead bodies curiously stopping me in my tracks as I'd encounter them on the city streets. But I don't remember them in anything like the "droves" I've been reading about. Shudder. It's enough to send me reaching for some Xanax.


vegan.mama said...

You and me both, mama. I'm terrified. Quite literally. I am wondering how I can stay inside for a month or so..... shudder. Why did I have to pick LAST YEAR to go away for the summer?!?!??!

Tina said...

don't worry babe,i'll protect you from the big bad cicadas!!!