April 28, 2008


I'm doing pretty well, feeling like I did too many sit-ups, as my doctor told me I would. Hey, she got that right at least, right? When I talked to her the other day about what happened, she basically pinned it all on radiology. She said that all she gets after one of my ultrasounds is a report, and that the actual films are reviewed by doctors in the radiology dept. The last of my steri-strips came off this morning, revealing a tiny incision, still holding a stitch. I can barely wait till Wednesday when I'll officially be allowed to take a hot bath. I'm absolutely craving one with every fiber of my being.

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veganmama said...

Ooh, I know about that urge for a hot bath! I hope your post-surgery bath goes better than mine did -- I figured out that soaking my toes made them hurt. A LOT. Even after the incision is healed, it's remarkably sensitive to pain. LMK if you need anything, mama. xoxo