September 27, 2008

McHangover ramblings

I woke up with quite a hangover after playing the Debate 2008 drinking game last night with The Nurse — we took a drink every time McCain implied he was "a maverick." So I guess I can thank McGrumpy for my McHeadache.
My apologies that I haven't been keeping you all updated on my oh-so-interesting life lately; I've been having trouble getting any thoughts down, because my brain has been somewhat overwhelmed. I know it's healthier for me (and possibly more entertaining for you) if I try to get those things out via my writings and ramblings, so I'll try to do better in the coming weeks.
I've been examining my role in the church again — trying to refocus my purpose there and get some more concrete things planned in terms of supporting women's roles in the church. I'm always fighting not to let myself get too comfortable in my pew and to keep finding opportunities to challenge myself and my church. Some exciting things are coming up on that front that I will blog extensively about when the time is right — about a month or so — so stay tuned. For now, loose lips sink ships.
I'm also mulling over a total career change. I'm trying to give it as much thought as possible but the time is coming soon to move toward action rather than just thinking about it. It's just so easy for me to live in that mess of a head of mine. Depending on how things go, I may soon find myself doing things that I never thought I would ever even consider possible. A deeply spiritual path lies before me that will call on me to muster all the strength and compassion that lies inside and look death squarely in the eye. Sounds provocative, doesn't it? I'm not going to let you all in on it just yet, because I really need to get to that point of action first. More soon, I hope. A psychic told me nearly twenty years ago that one day I might find myself on this path, and that I should follow it. We shall see....


Ms. Missive said...

That's an awesome drinking game!! Making a mental note for the future on that one.

And I am literally dying of curiosity about what's in your head in respects to "career change". You better leak more info soon, damnit.

veganmama said...

I got a headache and nauseated just reading about your hangover. This is a good thing, methinks. :)

Can't wait to hear about your (possible) new trajectory. Just don't become a nun. I still have nightmares about those women. xoxo