February 14, 2012

the dreamer's heart

It's Valentine's Day here in the U.S., and ironically, I'm celebrating it more this year as a single girl than I have the last several years while in a committed relationship. But not in the commercial way that is so typical of this Hallmark Holiday. Sure, I'm doing a few nice things for myself today: stopping for a mocha at my favorite cafe, and having a friend over for dinner and movie, but these gestures only bolster what it is that I'm feeling. I'm just simply sharing all of that love that has been welling up inside of my heart these past months — with myself. This last week has been phenomenal; I know a few others who are tapping into the present awareness of dreams right now, and they have brought me deep insight, healing and freedom this week. It's a true grace — the gift of dreams. My dreams are full of deep love: for my children, friends, special people I admire. It is not with any intention or desire  or personal need for reciprocation that I send out this love; I send it out simply because it swells within me every day and I have no choice but to release it, dream it. That is what freedom feels like.

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