March 14, 2007

Bad Catholic

Well, I'm getting my wish. I'm a step closer to acheiving excommunication and joining the company (as if) of my favorite saint, Joan. Pope Benedict reiterated what we progressive Catholics have been ignoring (and will continue to) for years now. {Yawn} But just in case you weren't totally clear on the official stance of the hierarchy, here's a synopsis.

    • Gay people are immoral, and cannot receive Eucharist
    • Divorced Catholics who remarry must remain eternally celibate or can't receive Eucharist
    • Gregorian Chant is totally awesome, and should be used more
    • So is Latin
    • Priests must always remain celibate
    • All of these positions are non-negotiable

No big suprises here. Benedict has proven himself to be one of the finest minds of the twelfth century. Not much to say. See you on Sunday, where my big ol' gay divorced self will be serving as a Eucharistic minister. Oh, but I do love Gregorian chant!

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