March 30, 2007

'My Sweet Lord'

Holy Week is about to begin, and a an art school refugee, I couldn't help but post a little something about artist Cosimo Cavallaro's 200 lb. chocolate Jesus sculpture. Of course the Catholic League is up in arms. Because Jesus has a penis. Which is clearly offensive, particularly during the holiest season for Christians.

But the hardened art student in me can't help but yawn. Not only does the sculpture NOT resemble Jesus (where's the long hair for cryin out loud?), but it's just such a cliché to do Jesus art. It's practically a right of passage for all first-year students to do the "shocking" jesus art. "Jesus painted with my own menstrual blood." "Jesus in feces." "Urine Jesus." Yawn, yawn, yawn.

And, of course, none of us would have ever heard of this forgetable sculpture had the Catholic League not gotten it's collective panties in a bunch. And what of the thousands of chocolate eggs and crosses? Do they profane the season? No, only a penis can do that....

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vegan.mama said...

And now they've canceled the whole thing. I've seen all the press releases through work, and the hotel is "working hard to regain its good name." For Pete's sake, don't people have bigger issues to tackle? Besides, where can *I* get a chocolate penis? And do they make them vegan? Hah!