December 04, 2007

Venn diagram of Santa and God

As promised, here's a Venn diagram for Santa and God. Can you think of any more?


Tina said...

both are lies you tell children,both end up disapointing childern who think they did something wrong,both can be bought as velvet framed art.....

Anima Sola said...

Well, I'll agree that some parents DO use Santa/God to threaten their children and/or demand good behavior.
And funny you should mention, but I am one of those kids who didn't get much from "Santa" as a child, and one year I actually got coal!
As a child matures, they learn about the "myth" of Santa, and may choose to believe that God is also a "myth," but that never happened with me.
My experience of Santa was completely controlled solely by my parents. But I experience God in everyone around me, all creation, and through the gift of grace given to me.
Oh, and btw, I'll take a velvet elvis over a velvet santa or jesus any day. ;)