December 01, 2007

Why I hate Macy's this Christmas

Ever since Macy's bought took over Marshall Field's, I've been bitter, like most die-hard Chicagoans. And the fact that they brought back Frango mint production to Chicago this year hasn't really swayed my opinion of them. The other day, T went in there looking for Fontanini as a Christmas gift for me. I had told her that Marshall Field's always carried it. She went to the Oakbrook Macy's, and after browsing around the trim-a-tree area and coming up short, waited in line to ask the cashier if she knew if they carried my favorite nativity scene figurines. Their conversation went something like this:
T: Do you carry Fontanini nativity figurines?
Cashier: I don't know, what are they?
T: They're nativity figurines, they're 5 inches.
Cashier: Oh yeah, they're right over there (points to display back in the corner).
T: Thanks, I'll go look.

Of course, they weren't there. So she got back in the long line, and this time when she reached the front, the conversation went like this:
T: Well, I went over there, and I didn't see them. Are you sure you carry them?
Cashier: What are they again?
T: They're 5 inch Fontanini nativity figurines. You pointed to a display, but they weren't over there.
Cashier: Wait, what do they look like?
T: Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Cashier: Very fu**ing funny. (with customers in line gasping in horror.)

One of the other customers who was in line stopped T and practically insisted that she complain to a manager. T did find a manager, but she didn't even get a chance to talk about the rude cashier. They're conversation went something like this:
T: Hi, one of your cashiers wasn't able to help me, but do you carry Fontanini nativity figurines?
Manager: I'm not sure. If you didn't see them over there (pointing to display) then we don't have them.
T: Well, I know that Marshall Field's always carried them, and that Macy's now owns the store, so....
Manager: Well that's just fu**ing life, isn't it.

Two f-bombs in less than half-an hour at the Oakbrook Macy's. Merry Fu**ing Christmas!


vegan.mama said...

Well, that's just the beginning... have you seen their television commercials? It's just capitalist evil at its very best (or worst). I LOVE Macy's in NYC, but that's exactly where Macy's should have stayed...

Melissa said...

This story made me laugh out loud! And although I turned off Joni, I'm enjoying listening to the "Comin' Down" video you posted as I type this :)

I'm glad you like the Mary "NaBloPoMo" badge. Congrats on making it all the way through!

Ms. Missive said...

Holy fuck!

I think this blog entry may be the first time that the above two words were ever more appropriately used.


And I LOVE the new banner you have going. Very nice!!