May 23, 2012


I met her (who I have yet to to think of an appropriate nickname for...she already has the perfect nickname) for dinner out with some of her friends and then a movie. It was fun to meet her circle — and having already subjected her to mine, it was only fair that I take a turn. No problem...I'm never awkward in a social scene, and the conversations flowed easily over a lovely meal. At the movie, we held hands like flirty teenagers and let the tension build between us. Afterward, we were both so hyper — clearly feeling so ramped up and I desperately wanted to find some privacy with her. We walked along the quiet downtown streets, taking in the skyline and talking about what we were feeling — deciding to go get a drink. To make a long story short...this may be a long story. Things are building slowly...which I like. We talked about keeping things easy, uncomplicated, drama free...which I also like. Of course, my life is seldom uncomplicated, but I appreciate the spirit of that sentiment right now, and the place from where it comes. I appreciate not rushing into anything, but also relishing the growing emotions and desires that we were both able to share. I sensed that this was a good step for both of us, given our past histories of relationships and non-relationships. At this point, I'm totally willing to let go of expectations and just stay in the moment with this, and see where it leads. Seriously. I'm looking forward to our next date on Saturday night, and getting to spend more time with this girl who intrigues me so so much.

Ah....I just had a thought. Given what seems like a huge love of sci-fi fantasy/superhero movies on her part, perhaps a superhero nickname is in order? To the bat cave....

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