August 23, 2007

Becoming the pearl

I think I've gotten good at recognizing blessings in disguise. Because a lot of things have suddenly shaken me to my core, made me fear for my future. Financial problems. Medical problems. Health insurance problems. Babydaddy problems. Kid problems.
But I'm finding that it's in crisis mode when we pull together, tighten our ranks, and are forced to make bold changes. Changes that ultimately are for the better. It's in crisis mode that we move from dreaming big dreams to acting on them. Maybe its because we've got so little left to lose. But I suspect its because we're glimpsing all that is to be gained. Like the sand in the oyster shell that one day forms a pearl, all that irritation creates something to be treasured. It's an almost prophetic experience I'm having -- dealing with a heap of stress, but knowing that its serving some higher purpose.
But the crisis is only a catalyst, not what moves us to act. The love moves us to act.
My patience will be challenged, and grow. My empathy will grow even deeper. My willingness to keep talking, keep sharing, keep digging deep inside and choosing love -- all of this is going to grow. It's all part of becoming the person I was meant to be. And the best part is, I'm not alone on the journey.

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