August 13, 2007

random acts

Ever have those days where you are just overflowing with emotion? Where you've let so much in that it's multiplying and pouring back out? When you've let yourself submit to being loved, and it's filled you up more than you could have ever imagined?

This feeling, this is the core of all spirituality, I believe. It transcends religion. We are called to take the love that we receive and share it with everyone, not just the small circle of our loved ones. In doing so, we acknowledge that we are all one. What we share intimately with just one person can swell within us a love that can be shared with everyone. This describes not just our relationships with our lovers, but with our higher power. God loves us in this way, I believe. My only proof is the sense that I am healing when I'm feeling the love — and when I'm extending it.

Free Hugs Rochester NY and other Random acts of Kindness

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