October 09, 2008

Mama mia

Hat-tip to Mombian for her eloquent article about being a lesbian-mom, just in time for National Coming Out Day. And hey, is it just me, or did she work in my comment to her about Rachel Maddow being slapped with too much eyeshadow for people to accurately read her as a lesbian? I'm flattered. Really though, read her article because it very accurately describes our common experience as lesbian moms.

On the 'visibility front,' The Nurse and I attended an athletics fundraiser at a tony downtown bar recently. All three of our girls are involved in sports, so it was important to us to make this the first school function that we've attended as a couple. Most people took it coolly, but there were some visual gasps and one woman actually raised her hand to cover her mouth she was so shocked. But I guess if Rachel Maddow has trouble being read as a lesbian, then I shouldn't be surprised that I'm not setting off the gaydar of most heteros. But then again, their gaydar isn't the most sensitive anyway. Even appearing with The Nurse, doesn't "seal the deal" for many heteros. People have even asked if she is my SISTER! (Um, yeah, we got a good laugh from that one.)

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