October 03, 2008

We are more, sister

"We are MORE, Sister." That's what her email said to me a few weeks ago, refusing to bow at the altar of Obama because he does not fully embrace gay rights. I posted a bitchy blog in response to her "rant," but after watching the VP debate last night, I have to admit that I was angry and disappointed at the candidates. I didn't want to admit the truth — that on the issue of gay marriage, there is no difference between the candidates — they are all emphatically against it.
Instead, from the "progressive" Obama/Biden ticket, we get platitudes about protecting the rights of partners to visit each other in the hospital. Are they serious? We are so past that.
Now, I can respect (and even agree with) the notion that "marriage" is and should be primarily a religious matter and left to the faiths — but Joe Biden left it at that. Instead, he should have pointed out that all couples deserve the same protections under the law, and therefore, anyone (gay or straight) taking part in a civil "marriage" should be required to have a "civil union." Leave "marriage" to the churches. But he didn't say that, and instead pointed out that everyone running is in total agreement about this issue. I wonder how this will play out, as Biden is scheduled to make the featured remarks at the annual HRC dinner tomorrow night.


Ms. Missive said...

I actually thought Biden did a pretty decent job with the same-sex benefits question. He spoke without hesitation and agreed that same-sex partners should have equal benefits. He was also clear about his (and Obama's) stance on marriage. Fine. I can accept what he believes... for now. Step by step, right?

Palin, on the other hand, has her head so far up the Middle Ages ass it makes me wanna scream.

These are our options and frankly, I'd much rather side with the same-sex benefits side (Biden) than with Palin's cold shoulder any day.

Anima Sola said...

@ ms. missive:
Glad you're keenly tuned into 'merican politics from the other side of the globe! Of course I knew you would be...
Yes, yes, of course none of what was said will change my vote for Obama....but I may grumble more on my walk to the polls. The choice before us is one of stark differences. No one can rightly claim that these candidates will lead America in the same direction.

Ms. Missive said...

OH yes! I set my alarm for 3:50am here in Tel Aviv in order to watch and live blog the VP debate over at the missive site: http://patriotmissive.com/2008/10/02/live-blogging-vp-debate-joe-biden-vs-sarah-palin/