November 08, 2008


As it sit here looking out my window at 10 till 4 in the afternoon, it looks more like 6pm outside. It's getting dark already, the wind is howling, and a gentle rain is falling. Snow is threatening later tonight, but just flurries. As dreary as it is outside, I managed to put a little pluck in my step today as I headed downtown for a job interview. It seemed to go well, but I have to concede that after 11 months of unemployment, I may not be a very good judge of these things. All I can say is that I did my best and that I'm confident that I am qualified for the position. As soon as I got home I slipped into a hot bath and then my fuzzy pj's -- planning to laze around under a blanket and watch TV. The Nurse called and reminded me that we RSVP'd to a "2nd Grade Parents' Potluck" tonight and though neither one of us feel like going at this point, I'd feel too guilty if I didn't at least put in a brief appearance. I had to spend about 20 minutes hunting for eight quarters (I had three in my wallet) to do the minimum laundry requirement to make going out even possible. I feel bad, because in my hunt, I "borrowed" big M's Oklahoma quarter that I found on her dresser, though I'm certain she was saving it for her 50-state collection. If anyone I know runs across a shiny new OK quarter, hook me up, k?

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