November 04, 2008

My prediction

I am superstitious, but the groundswell is SO huge, that I'm going to go ahead and predict an Obama victory. The polls haven't closed anywhere yet but turnout looks high. And when the people vote, Republicans lose. I'll be waiting intently for the returns from Pennsylvania because if McCain doesn't win it, I think it's all over at that point. And having been a former resident of Indiana, I'll pop the bottle of champagne that's been sitting in the back of my fridge since last Christmas if it flips Dem. Mimosas at midnight anyone?

1 comment:

Mell said...

...since last Christmas??? Wow, you have amazing restraint. I drink champagne occasionally throughout the year, 'just because'. But I think I'll pop a bottle today, and celebrate with you from a distance - we'll have the right man in the White House soon and that's cause enough.