November 01, 2008

Singing down the patriarchy

Happy All Saint's Day! This one was remarkable for me. I was honored to be a part of the RCWP ordinations that took place in Chicago today. A woman from my parish was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest! And I sung with the choir — something I haven't done since high school! It felt great to sing, but I forgot how hard it really is. Thank goddess my friend J joined me (HipMamas rock!) and was an amazing and powerful alto that I could follow.
I promise to write more about the experience tomorrow. (The Nurse made me promise not to write that last sentence in my blog. Shruggs.) It was amazing and I was warmed to see several familiar faces in the congregation. I literally had a front row seat — just a few feet from the ordinands and the Bishop during several key parts. I had to choke back tears more than once. I sung my little heart out, wearing Delle's scarf around my neck, fastened with my Mary Magdelene pin. I know she was with us there.
But after two days of choir practice and a 2.5 hour Mass, I'm BEAT.


David said...

Thank you for inviting me to share in the experience today. It was powerful and I hope that the new priest is able to celebrate full mass soon. Please ask her, and let me know what her thoughts in this direction are. A beautiful, traditional ceremony, only with (mostly) all women's voices. Great to see the Nurse too today. Peace (squeeze).

Ms. Missive said...

I'm shamefully uninformed about Catholicism but it seemed to be an amazingly historic moment! How blessed you are to be a part of it!