November 15, 2008


It's been the bittersweet and not-often-talked-about election result that still has me reeling: that over 50% of the voters in California don't think that I am entitled to the same civil rights as they are. Even more stunning to me, that the black community voted 70-30 against preserving civil rights for another minority. I didn't make it downtown today for the protests, but I was there is spirit.

Here's my personal take: I think it's all a matter of semantics for most people. Fine, good, let the religious folks keep "marriage.' But then EVERYONE else who wants the same civil rights entitled to them should be able to acquire a "civil union,' whether they're gay or straight. I just really wish that the LGBT community had thought out their strategy better before this got onto the ballot. This is a huge separation of Church and State issue and a Civil Rights issue, period.

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