November 11, 2008

This is a test

Happy VD, er, I mean Veterans Day. I went to the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce B2B breakfast meeting today to network. I didn't even know such a thing exsited, so I was glad when my friend invited me. I also didn't know I'd be having to get up in front of the whole room and speak. It took about 20 minutes to return to normal and stop shaking after that. Or maybe it was just the coffee. It was good to meet people in the community and get a little practice shmoozing and selling myself. Tomorrow I've got an interview where I'll be tested on Adobe InDesign. I'm going to go check out some tutorials so that I'm a little more confident with it. Peace.

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Ms. Missive said...

Totally random but when Einat was learning InDesign earlier this year for work, she said everyone called it "In De Zooogen" with a big German accent as a joke.

Anyway. Random. Yeah.

Good luck with the test!! You'll do great!