November 27, 2007


I called off of work today because M.A. puked last night, and she needed to stay home. I probably could have worked out some arrangements for her today, but I figured, what are they gonna do, fire me? Hah. So we lazed around in our pajamas, listened to music, cuddled on the couch and took it easy. I managed to get the lights onto the Christmas tree that's been up for a couple of days now. Maybe another week and it'll probably get some ornaments. I'm in no terrible rush.
I heard on the radio today that Quidditch is the sport on college campus' these days. It sounds somewhat anti-climactic to me, given that there are no flying brooms, no golden snitch and no quaffle. Still, not bad for a fictional sport. M.R. plans to get a Quidditch scholarship to a Vermont college. Yeah, she's definitely my kid.
We've reached the final stretch of NaBloPoMo, and I'm feeling a little blog-exhausted. Goodnight.

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