November 18, 2007

Positively like a dream

There's been an overwhelming show of support and good feelings about my recent job loss from the people who care about me and know me well enough to know that something bigger and better is just waiting for me. And I feel it too. Sometimes the blessings we get really aren't so hard to figure out. I didn't like my job, mostly because of the terrible pay, at ten grand less than I deserve, at the very least for my skills. But I took the job because of it's many perks: not working for "the man," a month paid vacation, and a generally laid-back and understand bunch of bosses who never questioned why I was 20 minutes late or couldn't come in because of a childcare snafu. That and wearing sweatpants to work — a major perk.
Although I reserve the right to fall into a totally depressed panic if I don't procure a job by January 1, right now I'm feeling hopeful and confident that all of this is happening exactly as it's supposed to. And I'm excited for the first time in a long time about the future and all the many possibilities and chances for career growth that are now rolled out like a red carpet before me. I've already updated my resume and I'm going to spend the Thanksgiving weekend getting my portfolio up to snuff.
It seems like a dream, though, that I actually have to go back to my office and work for 5 more weeks. I'm going to ask for all of my vacation time right before Christmas, which should make Dec. 14 my last day. It's going to be tough to continue to work and I know I'll be compelled to start cleaning out my workspace and saving files on CDs when I'm not doing layout. And I'm sure the office atmosphere will be grim. Mental note: bring some cheery music to upload to my iTunes tomorrow.

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