November 04, 2007

It was almost a dream

I was laying in bed, trying to hit the sack a little early tonight and see if I could take advantage of that extra hour of daylight savings sleep time, but I found myself blogging in my head, only to realize that I hadn't yet blogged today. My dutiful girlfriend gave me just the swift kick mixed with sweetness that I needed as she encouraged me to go type something quick. So, the blog I was writing in my head? I was remembering a homily I heard sometime last year from a young Jesuit. He was talking about love, and how it's more than just an emotion, it's a choice. More later...I'm going back to bed to mull it over.

1 comment:

vegan.mama said...

Ha ha ha -- yeah, I was wondering if you would forget today. Glad you didn't. Yay!