November 29, 2007

This blog postponed...due to impending migraine

I'll have to write more tomorrow, about
•my job interview today (which went well)
•the half-dozen reasons I can list of why I hate Macy's
•my Christmas obsession reignited: must. find. Fontanini.
• the Venn diagram of Jesus and Santa

I'm going to bed. Yes, it's only 8:30 and I've only just gotten my kiddos off to bed. My body aches, my head is throbbing. It's either the flu or one helluva migraine.

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vegan.mama said...

Funny, because I had a headache and body aches all freakin' day. I came home from school and took a nap and almost overslept my date with TPVG, which would have been HORRIBLE. Anyhow... hope you're feeling better soon. And I wanna hear why you hate Macy's...