November 11, 2007

Who is Anima Sola?

I've been feeling pigeonholed by the subtitle of this blog: the chronicles of a queer catholic as she attempts to dismantle patriarchy. Maybe it's just the predomination of labels, or maybe it's that there is so much more that is encompassed in these postings. I'm feeling a little hyper-critical today about my writing. Writing everyday has been a good exercise, but I still don't feel like I'm fully expressing all I want to get across in each post. My language gets too flowery and my point gets lost.
I am gay, I am Catholic, and I hope that I'm doing my part to put a little dent in patriarchy, if not dismantle it. But these are hardly the limits of my character or the topics of my writings. Perhaps I'll remove the description altogether? Or take suggestions for a new title? I'm coming up short today so for now I'll leave it, but it's gnawing at me.

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vegan.mama said...

I agree with your discomfort -- it's a fitting title, but not a perfect one... is there something, perhaps, that Delle used to say, a phrase or a quip, that encapsulates the way you're trying to live your life and the ways in which you frame your comments? I like verb-y things... what action words describe what it is that you DO? I'll try to brainstorm for ya. But no matter what you call yourself, I'll be coming back! :)